Multiplying Good is national nonprofit focused on elevating public service as the means to empower individuals. 

Multiplying Good in Pittsburgh unleashes potential in youth through service, and partners with organizations and corporations to recognize excellence in service. 

Pittsburgh ChangeMakers are asked to raise funds for Multiplying Good's Students in Action program. To learn more about it and to donate to Tressa's campaign:

We are thrilled and deeply honored to announce that Tressa, through her work with Yinz Are Good, has been invited to join the inaugural cohort of

Pittsburgh ChangeMakers,

alongside these remarkable folks:


 ChangeMakers are the recipient of a prestigious Jefferson Award - the nation’s highest honor for service and volunteerism established in 1972 by former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

The Multiplying Good ChangeMakers

program recognizes a group of individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to servant leadership and the potential to truly move Pittsburgh forward.


  Acceptance into the program is by invitation. 

Tiffany Castagno, Jasmine Cho, Nelson Cooper, Gabrielle DeMarchi, Bridget Faulk, Joel Gray, Destiny Hoffman, Nikkia Ingram, Derrick Maultsby Jr., Joelisa McDonald, Thomas Murphy, Brittani Murray, Haley Platt, Ashley Priore, Rachel Rampa, Crystal Rose, Elizabeth Sherman, Victoria Snyder, Debra Titus, and Bradley Wilkins.