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Yinz* Are Good celebrates the GOOD STUFF going on out there and the GOOD PEOPLE who remind us that kindness, compassion and sincerity exist, even in these precarious times.

Episodes include interviews with groups, organizations or individuals in the Pittsburgh, PA area who are helping those in need in our communities.

Host Tressa Glover also asks listeners to share their stories about times when someone changed their lives for the better. Could have been a friend, a colleague, even a stranger...It could be a story that changed the course of their life or simply the course of their day. Sharing our stories is one of the best ways to connect with, learn from, and help each other -- and couldn't we all use that right about now?

And we have a trivia quiz! Name That Neighborhood is our Pittsburgh-fun-fact quiz segment that focuses on the history of specific neighborhoods in the Pittsburgh area.

*Yinz = Pittsburgh's version of Y'all


Tressa Headshot.webp

Creator & Host, Tressa Glover

A proud Pittsburgh native, Tressa is also an actor, writer, producer, creator of the live sitcom/web series The Sisters Sorella and founder of SWAN Day Pittsburgh. As an actor, she works regionally in theatre, film and tv. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Becky Thurner

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